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About Our Dental Team 

Deb-Office Manager

Debbie joined our office in 1980. She is a graduate of HVCC. Before joining our practice she was a dental assistant for another area practice. She is here to help with any dental questions you may have. If you need any assistance with insurance or financial arrangements please feel free to call her or stop by her office.

Deb is married with two children ages 22 and 26. She is always running to one of their school activities. When not working she loves to have family get together. She and her family enjoy traveling throughout the United States.

Muriel-Patient Coordinator

Muriel joined our office 18 years ago. She has two beautiful daughters and three adorable grandchildren.

When not working, She really enjoys to spend time with her grandchildren.  









Lisa-Dental Assistant

Lisa joined our practice about a year ago. She has a big family with lots of siblings and she likes to spend her time with them, especially with her niece.  

MaryEllen-Dental Hygienist

Mary Ellen enjoys time well spent with family and friends. She and her husband, Russell, have two wonderful children and two beautiful grandchildren.  When not devoting time to family she enjoys going to the gym or running an occasional 5K.  Cooking is a favorite past time as is reading book on a wide variety of topics. New discoveries in science is an area of interest, especially ideas that concern oral health and it's impact on the health of the person. she also cares about veterans issues and has been involved with Patriot Hills of NY, an organization with has helped veterans since 2007.   

Sharon-Dental Hygienist

Sharon joined our practice 5 years ago. She has three wonderful children and her daughter recently got married. When not working, she likes to spend time with her mom.