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Cosmetic Dentistry 

General Dentistry 

Family and Pediatric Dentistry 

Sports Dentistry 

Porcelain veneers - for discolored, chipped, small, unattractive shaped, or rotated teeth

Porcelain crowns

Teeth whitening

Smile makeover

Take home whitening 

Full dentures, Partial dentures, Interim dentures ( Flippers)

White fillings



Gum disease treatment 

Tooth extraction

Fluoride and sealants 

Routine cleanings and examinations

Tooth colored fillings

Oral cancer screening

Mouthguard for any sports to protect teeth

Periodontic Dentistry 

Endodontic Dentistry 

Oral Surgery Dentistry 

Crown lengthening 

Scaling and Root Planning 

Laser dentistry

Root canal therapy

Wisdom teeth extractions

Surgical and non-surgical extractions

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